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    Networking Basics

    - Basics of Networking

    - ISO/OSI Model

    - Network Media and Topology

    - Network Designs and Topology

    - Connecting Networks

    - Network Protocols (IP, IPX, Netbui)

    - Introduction to TCP/IP

    - Internetworking and Transport Layer Protocols

    - An Introduction IPv6 Addressing

    - Desktop Maintenance (Windows 7)

    - Installing the operating system

    - Unattended installations

    - Troubleshooting system startup and user logons

    - The Windows 7 Boot Process

    - User and group management

    - User profile management

    - Introduction to different browsers

    - Configuring and troubleshooting security policy

    - Configuring and troubleshooting devices

    - Input/output devices

    - Plug and play devices

    - Configuring and troubleshooting printing

    - Troubleshooting TCP/IP

    - TCP/IP networking

    - Windows 7 desktop application supportv Remote Assistance

    - Office installation and configuration

    - Installing Microsoft Office

    - MS Office templates and add-ins

    - MS Office configuration (Excel ,Word, Power Point, Access)

    All About Computer Hardware:

    - PC Anatomy

    - Motherboards, Processors and Adapter Cards

    - BIOS

    - Storage Devices

    - RAM

    - I/O and Multimedia Ports and Devices

    - Video Displays & Graphic Cards

    - Printer and Scanner

    - Laptops and Portable Devices

    Microsoft Outlook configuration:

    - Setting up Microsoft Outlook:

    - Managing E-mail

    - MS Outlook data protection

    - Installation and configuration of standard applications

    Windows Server 2012 Admin:

    - Introduction to networking & its Components:

    - Introduction to Active Directory

    - Active Directory Installation

    - Active Directory Administration Tasks & Tool

    User Account Administration in Windows Server:

    - Creating User Profiles:

    - Group Account Administration

    - Creating & deleting different Groups

    - Organization units Concepts

    - Adding & deletion of computer accounts

    - Sharing & securing file system

    - Managing NTFS Permissions

    - Configuring & Deploying a Name Server

    - Creating a DHCP Infrastructure

    - Types of Server backup & restore Windows Server 2012 Admin

    - Introduction to Windows Server 2012 Edition

    - Upgrading Windows 2008 to 2012

    - Configuring Read-Only Domain Controllers

    - Configuring Operations Masters

    - Identifying Operations Masters

    - Configuring Group Policy Objects

    - Managing Software Updates

    - Understanding and Installing Active Directory Rights

    - Management Services

    - Installing & Configuring the Web Server (IIS) Role

    - Active Directory Certificate Services and Public Key Infrastructures

    - Windows Server 2008 Backup Recovery Modes

    - Windows 2008 server terminal services for application

    - Publishing Applications with TS RemoteApp

    - Configuring Server Storage

    Get to Know Cisco Routers & Switches

    - Introduction to Cisco Routers & Switch:

    - Cisco Router Boot Process

    - Routing Protocol Configuration

    - Backup and Restore

    - Cisco Router Boot Process

    - Understanding Configuration Registers

    - Routed and Routing Protocols

    - Introduction to RIP, IGRP & OSPF

    - Introduction to EIGRP

    - Introduction to VLAN & Switching & Basic Switching Commands

    Linux System Administration:

    - Introduction to Open Source Software

    - Installation of LINUX OS

    - Linux File System

    - Redirectors

    - Introduction to Linux Process Chaining,

    - Bash Shell Scripting

    - Disk Management

    - User management

    - Process Management

    - Linux Networking

    - Unix Backup Tools

    - Linux Job Scheduling

    Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Admin:

    - Introduction to Messaging and Exchange 2010:

    - Installation of Microsoft Exchange 2010

    - User and Group Administration

    - Introduction to Client Applications of Exchange

    - Exchange Recipient Management

    - Outlook Configuration

    Hottest Topic: Virtualization & Cloud Computing:

    - Introduction to Virtualization

    - Introduction to Virtualization with VMware

    - Architecture of ESX and ESXi

    - Introduction Virtualization with Citirx

    - Introduction of Cloud Computing

    Desktop Security and Data Recovery:

    - Introduction to Firewall, VPN, IPS:

    - Desktop and Perimeter Security

    - Anti Virus

    - Email Recovery - Outlook Express , Outlook Mail

    - File & Data Recovery using standard Tools

    - PC optimization tools - Temp files, Cache

    - Remote Infrastructure Management Overview & ITIL Awareness

    - Mentoring Sessions & Final Assessment